About Us

Scandinavian Innovation Group (SIG) 

SIG was founded in 2011 in Finland. Company is engaged in the production of premium – class water treatment systems. Over 5 years of work we have developed and improved an innovative water treatment system and have received three patents as inventors in this field.

 We make usual coolers posh and safe!

An elegant Scandinavian design will fit into any house or office, but a breakthrough patented water treatment system will take care of water quality.

For us the water quality and presentation are inseparable. We love what we do and therefore we think through all details to exceed expectations.

We know about water everything!

We take care so that user receives clean and wholesome water, but an operator – reliable devices that do not need frequent maintenance. High-tech solutions, qualitative materials and patented water treatment technologies are guaranteed by the next-generation low-maintenance device.

We strive for the highest standards!

Scandinavian Innovation Group is a member of the Energy Saving Association and of the Water Quality Association, which is the proof of saving energy and high parameters of quality of our devices.

Our devices have passed all necessary certifications and tests and satisfy the European quality standards!

We are set to cooperation with companies engaged in coolers servicing and distribution of bottled water. B2B services extend to undertakings of European countries, include a wide range of services and support at all stages of cooperation.

Our mission

Is to provide each office and each house in Europe with clean water and stylish cooler!

Let our devices take care of water, which you drink.

POU systems
POU models utilize 3 stage water filtration and sterilization using patented ozone system as well as double leak Water Stop protection.
Bottled systems
Models for standard bottles feature ozone sterilization of cold tank bottle as well as Safe Guard system.