Cool Touch is an engineering and technological solution for premium – class water filtration, cooling, warming and aeration.

Advantages and functions of Cool Touch coolers

  • Patented system of device sterilization with ozone – enables to provide coolers servicing less often than in competitive products.
  • System sensitive to movements:
    • Actuates the cooler only when user is near the cooler, thereby saving energy.
    • Activates sterilization of the cooler when user is in front of the cooler.
  • Capacity to operate from high powers will provide with water even the largest office – large quantity of cold, room temperature, hot or carbonated water.
  • Embedded glass-holder for 100 glasses – ensures usability in public spaces and a new business model for the cooler operator.
  • Touch screen – propels the device control to the state of the art and ensures the device sterility after each user.
  • Industrial design – toughened glass and anodized aluminium ensure longevity of the device, modern industrial design and ecological approach.
  • 316 stainless steel storage containers, high-quality silicone and Teflon lined pipes ensure unparalleled quality of water and contribute to cleanness of the cooler.
  • Spare parts for the cooler are supplied by certified international producers.
  • Safeguard System - protects against leakage from leaky bottles. The system reduces the likelihood of water leakage out of the device in the floor.
  • Embedded computer shows when it is time to change filters, gas cylinder or water bottle.
  • Hot tank brings water almost to boiling, thereby killing considerably more malignant bacteria if compared to competitive products.
  • In the water receptacle there is a float, which allows seeing when it is time to discharge water to avoid leakage in the floor.
  • Childproof function enables to adjust hot water key settings.

 Optional features

• Console that helps to set the cooler operation time. With its help you can set hours of work of the device and save energy without compromising water quality and cleanness of the cooler.
• System for connecting to coffee machines. With its help water automatically fills the coffee machine, allowing to avoid manual water replenishment.
• Second cooling loop of the saturator –water becomes highly carbonated, featuring industry best level of carbonation. 


POU systems
POU models utilize 3 stage water filtration and sterilization using patented ozone system as well as double leak Water Stop protection.
Bottled systems
Models for standard bottles feature ozone sterilization of cold tank bottle as well as Safe Guard system.