Significant update to introduce COOL TOUCH Application, introduce new product line, decrease energy use and improve reliability of device.


COOL TOUCH application:

From 2023 all models are equipped with Bluetooth module to allow connectivity with new COOL TOUCH application. Application can be downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Main functions of application:

  1. User can take water without touching the control tapel. 
  2. Users can can set proffered water temperature to be dispensed using App.
  3. Users can monitor water consumption.
  4. Administrator can set energy saving schedule to precisely control when cooler enters energy saving mode.
  5. Administrator can set sterilisation schedule to control when cooler performs self cleaning.
  6. Administrator can monitor remaining filter resource. 
  7. administrator can change some cooler settings.
  8. Service workers can reset or change filter resource. 

All POU coolers have two main changes:

  1. Ozone sterilisation has been replaced with UVC LED sterilisation of cold tank. 
  2. Self cleaning/pasteurization has been added to clean cold tank, hot tank, tubes between them and exit tubes.

Cooler size changes:

  1. L and M size coolers have been discontinued. 
  2. S size cooler has been added. 

New colors have been introduced:

  1. White (all glass and all panels)
  2. Titanium (aluminum profiles only)
  3. Bronz (aluminum profiles only)

Product lien changes:

  1. S size bottle cooler with bottom loading bottle placement. 

General improvements:

  1. All plastic of middle part is now produced using antibacterial additives to improve safety of cooler.
  2. All wiring is produced inhouse to significantly improve quality and reliability. 
  3. New silicone tube for steam release.
  4. New CO2 pump.
  5. New internal structure for Business model to allow easy removal of side walls and aluminum profiles for easy repairs.
  6.  Water level sensors are now produced from 316 stainless steel.
  7. All coolers come with serial number coded into barcode for easy integration with client management software. 
  8. All coolers come with barcode to download user manual to save paper.
  9. All packaging is done with recycled carton. 
  10. Improved assembly of parts to increase reliability.



This firmware update focuses on implementing touchless control to combat COVID-19 threat and improvement to usability of several features. 

Improved functions:

    1. The method of calculation of remaining water filter recourse in POU coolers has been changed in order to improve precision of this function:
    2. Changed logics of how water is filled in POU coolers to significantly increase volume of water available to be dispensed simultaneously. 
    3. Improved user detection on CHS coolers to increase reliability of user detection and indication on sensor glass.

New functions:

    1. Implemented optional (turned on by service workers) touchless water dispense function. 

The firmware update is available for all V03+ coolers and was released in December of 2020.  


The following firmware update is mandatory for all V03 coolers and was released in June of 2019. 


Changes made in firmware:

  1. The process of calibrating a hot thermostat has been modified to provide less distraction for client and still maintain incredible level of precision of temperature in hto tank offered by COOL TOUCH coolers.
  2. The logic of operation of the ozone generator in the POU devices; the time of operation of the ozone generator significantly reduced.
  3. New indication of insufficient temperature of the hot tank has been introduced. It turns after the device leaves the power saving mode and in case the temperature of the hot tank falls below the set point. This function is DISABLED by default.
  4. New power saving system is introduced on the basis of operation of the USS sensor for CHS coolers. It helps reduce energy consumption in idle mode for up to 25%. Function is DISABLED by default. 
  5. Added the ability to select pre-set temperature of cold and carbonated water.
  6. CHS coolers have new function – dispensing of room temperature water by simultaneous pressing the buttons of hot and cold water (multitouch).
  7. The display (indication) of the menu of the discharge water has been changed.
  8. The function of complete ozone sterilization of the device has been transferred to the menu for the discharge of water.
  9. The indication of the reset of water meter in the POU devices has been improved.
  10. New protection is introduced in the control logic of heating of the hot tank.
  11. A large number of bugs, including critical ones has been fixed. 
  12. The logic of recording errors in the device memory has been improved.

General improvements made in the device:

  1. Silicone tube connecting the cold tank and the output solenoid, produced by the method of casting-forming - this change is intended to improve the reliability of this part.
  2. Insulation of the carbonator is produced using the injection-molding method. This allows you to improve the quality of thermal insulation of this part and decrease energy use.
  3. The method of mounting the ozone generator has been changed to decrease noise.
  4. Changes to the cooling control PCB, increasing the reliability.
  5. Changes to cupholder - increased stiffness of mounting mechanism and decreased spring stiffness. 


It is my pleasure to announce that we have started the production of Cool Touch coolers of new V3 version. The announcement can also be found of our website, by logging in with the password you were given.

Change log for CHA and CHS coolers:
1) New much improved solenoid valve.
a. New solenoid body, complete/whole. No more solenoids falling out.
b. New material. Much better for hot water – no more boiled solenoids.
c. New material for high pressure solenoid valve, which improves the behavior.
d. Improved structure (position of high pressure solenoid is changed + internal improvements) of whole solenoid block – much better and prettier flow of sparkling water from solenoid and into cup.
e. One solenoid block is now used for both CHA and CHS coolers - easier stock management, easier upgrade (in future) from CHA to CHS.
f. Cleaning/fixing process – it is possible to remove the power part of each individual solenoid and clean/change insides.
2) Removed metal spring that helped to hold old solenoids inside the body.
3) New solenoids are available for purchase starting from end of august – for changing on all existing CHS coolers. Unfortunately, it is impossible to change solenoid base on old CHA coolers (metal pipe that supplied water from cold tank to ambient solenoid is in the way).

Additional change log for CHS coolers:
1) New control and power PCB (from CHA/03/Extra/Easy coolers).
a. Now both CHS and CHA coolers share the same PCB, wires, tanks, solenoids. Upgrade from BOU to POU, or from CHA to CHS is very simple now (for future planning, etc).
b. New control (touch sensor) PCB is more reliable in terms of touch controls. No more coolers where water started to flow by itself.
c. New power PCB is much more reliable then old relay system. Now, no more problems with burnt out relays.
d. New coolers have fixed an old software issue (was impossible to fix on old PCB): when POU coolers started showing Call Service/replace filter command two weeks early. Now it is shown only after 6 months. Another issue fixed in this update – very rare problem when cooler with no gas operating for very long time (several months without restart) would show Call Service error (you had to restart cooler, very rare issue, probably no clients experienced).
e. Because new (CHA) control PCB did not allow for USS sensor – an external, new USS PCB was developed.
i. It is a bit better at filtering events (like house shaking, radio waves, air currents) than old system – it will turn on cooler less than old USS sensor.
ii. It will, however, work worse when several coolers stand together – potentially changing brightness because of interference from neighbor USS sensors. This will be fixed in Cool Touch 04 PCB – early next year.
iii. New settings for recalibration of USS behavior (if coolers sees something close to it (it shows bright light and ozone generator is powered on) for more than 30 minutes – it will try to recalibrate itself (and should power off if there is no one else, and its just an issue with vibrations, air currents - “false positive events”).
f. Several updates to stability and operation of Ozone generator (introduced maximum ON time, for example):
i. No more sound of ozone generator for longer than 60 seconds + 60 seconds off time between two ON events, in order to preserve ozone generators and human ears (noise).
g. As CT3 PCB comes with beeper (to show when it is time to change defective bottle).


We are delighted to announce a new firmware update for our CT3 dispensers.

This updated addresses an issue where ambient solenoid was opened rarely, and because of that it could potentially influence the taste and smell of water. Now, ambient solenoid will open periodically to ensure that clients recieve always fresh water. This is especially noticable on POU dispensers. 

This is recommended update.

All new coolers produced since the beginning of 2017 have updated firmware. It can be donwloaded from appropriate section. 


We are currently continuing the roll out of new version of our coolers. CT2 Premium line of coolers is getting almost the same change log as CT3 line, except no beeper. Coolers can be identified by new serial numbers and V1 marking. 

CTB-02S-CHS V1 beginning with serial number 701642
CTB-02B-CHS V1 beginning with serial number 901716
CTB-02G-CHS V1 beginning with serial number 800274
CTP-02S-CHS V1 beginning with serial number 100266
CTP-02B-CHS V1 beginning with serial number 300204
CTP-02G-CHS V1 beginning with serial number 200031

Change log:

1) All coolers come with new back wall.

2) All coolers come with new power cord (easily plugged into back of the cooler). Longer 4m cable is available for purchase.

3) All coolers come with new fuse/socket system. Fuses can be bought separately from us or anyone else (standard design, 7A electricity).


We are excited to share with you a new development in our coolers! We would like to introduce a new system of naming of our coolers. Since it is hard to track changes in coolers (be at changes in electrical parts, or even new producer for one of the parts) effective immediately we are implementing a new system. Now, all significant changes will be reflected by change in version - V1, V2, V3, etc. First coolers to receive this system will be our line of CT3 Basic (Easy/Extra) coolers. It will be visible in invoices (cooler number 212.00.000V1, etc) and soon on back of the cooler and packing box in writing of cooler CoolTouch CTB-03S-CHA V1. 

New version applies to following coolers:

CTB-03S-CHA V1 beginning with serial number 231912
CTB-03B-CHA V1 beginning with serial number 241375
CTB-03G-CHA V1 beginning with serial number 250514
CTP-03S-CHA V1 beginning with serial number 260186
CTP-03B-CHA V1 beginning with serial number 270176
CTP-03G-CHA V1 beginning with serial number 280051


Change log:

1) BOU coolers have beeper installed to indicated defective bottles with beeping.

2) All coolers come with new back wall.

3) All coolers come with new power cord (easily plugged into back of the cooler). Longer 4m cable is available for purchase.

4) All coolers come with new fuse/socket system. Fuses can be bought separately from us or anyone else (standard design, 7A electricity). 


CT2 coolers will receive the new system shortly, we will inform you separately. 

Welcome to new and improved SIG website

Dear Colleagues,


I would like to welcome you to our new and improved SIG website, a long time in the making. We have tried to make a clean and easy to use and understand interface, where you can browse our products, learn more about our technologies and to create a single platform where you can get the latest news about CoolTouch coolers.

You can use this website to showcase our coolers to your clients.

Technical workers can download service manuals for all our coolers, user manuals will be added shortly too.


Also this website, news section, will be used to highlight and track changes to functionality, technical specification and parts used, to help our partners.


We welcome your suggestions with regards to content and hope you will be as glad as us to use our new website.


Technical director, Janis Rancans

CT3 new feature

All CoolTouch CT3 (Basic/Extra/Easy) bottled coolers produced since september with serial numbers 231700+, 241400+ and 250465+ have new firmware and new feature:

When cooler detects the overflow of cold tank (most likely reason for which is damaged bottle) it will not only blink to indicate error (and that bottle should be immediately removed and changed) it will also beep (make beeping sound) continuously to alert user of this issue, so user cannot ignore the light indicators and must replace bottle.

New firmware can be downloaded from our website, but beeping sound will only work on new revision of sensor PCBs (with beeper installed on them).

CT3 Basic firmware update

On 12.05.16 a new firmware has been released for Cool Touch coolers based on CT3 (Basic) platform. Models affected are CTB/P-03x-CHS/A. We strongly recommend to update all coolers to new firmware and use the new functionality.



1) New feature - ozone sterilisation of whole cooler. It is accessible from service menu by pressing hot button twice (once to enter sterilisation menu, twice to start). 

Using new feature: cooler has to be completely empty - no water left in cold or hot tanks. Sterilisation takes about 2 - 6 minutes. The finger and tap should be connected by silicone tube in order to avoid ozone spillage into the air - please contact SIG to get free tubes. The process sterilises hot and cold tanks, hot/cold/ambient tubes and hot/cold/ambient solenoid valves, tap and finger. This process can be done after cleaning cooler at the service base, or at clients, as its absolutely harmless and looks professional. We recommend doing sterilisation at clients before setting new cooler and every 6 months. 

Fixed for POU coolers:

1) No Water state and operation completely reviewed

2) Water quality settings moved to programming mode

3) Indication behavior in service and programming modes aligned

4) Coffee refill, updated to be running from unit tanks

The firmware can be downloaded from here, or from server. 

POU systems
POU models utilize 3 stage water filtration and patented UVC LED sterilisation system coupled with patented pasteurisation system.
Bottled systems
Bottled models feature ozone sterilization of cold tank and bottle as well as Safe Guard system.