What makes cooler smart? We think its ability of cooler to make your life easier and safer. That is why we have developed a number of functions that will help you. All of the functions can be programmed by service operator or using COOL TOUCH application. 


Touch screen

Dispensing water has never been easier. With a press of a single button you can dispense cold, hot and ambient temperature water. Sparkling coolers also have the ability to dispense sparkling water with a press of a single button or ambient water by pressing hot and cold at the same time. 


Helping you 

Each time coolers detects any problem it will also use front screen to indicate them, such as showing when there is no water or no CO2 gas. It can also detect critical problems and will show you indication to call your service center. And if there is ever a danger of water leakage from defective bottle - it will sound the alarm. It will also show you when it is time to change filters on POU coolers.  


User presence sensing

COOL TOUCH is equipped with advanced sensor that allows cooler to know when user is near. When user is ready to dispense water cooler will automatically turn on from energy saving mode, light up the screen and water dispensing area and turn on sterilisation systems. When user is done with drinking water, cooler will power down again to save electricity. 


Energy saving systems

All cooler models are equipped with Bluetooth module to allow COOL TOUCH application control. User can set up scheduling for energy saving control and use optional AI powered module to save even more electricity outside of scheduled energy saving mode time. And smart and patented sterilisation systems will keep water fresh and save. 


Touchless water dispensing

In order to increase user safety COOL TOUCH coolers have option of enabling touchless water dispensing. User just needs to hover finger over the button and receive fresh and clean water. 


User safety

COOL TOUCH has several safety features that help keep the client safe:

      • Child safety lock: dispense hot water only with two presses to protect against accidental hot water spills. 
      • Safeguard system: patented system that protects against water leakage caused by defective bottles.
      • Water block: doubled protection against leaks caused by damaged tubing supplying water to POU models. 
      • Water drip tray is equipped with luminescent float to indicate it is time to discharge water. 
      • Internal redundant components to protect against water overflow. 
      • Smart sensors inside tanks to indicate any problems with water level. 
      • Visual and sound indication against critical safety issues with water level in tanks. 
      • Durable and heavy components to ensure stable cooler construction. 


Default water temperature

 COL TOUCH makes it possible to change every single water temperature setting. Select perfect hot water temperature for black or green tee, change the cold water temperature to be more pleasant to consume, increase or degrease sparkling water temperature and carbonation, and even change ambient water temperature. COOL TOUCH is made to be used how each user wants. 



From the first cooler ever made by our team we have always focused on ensuring user can consume fresh and clean water. Over the course of the last decade we have built up an impressive portfolio of patented sterilization systems, that together with smart technologies allows us to offer unmatched water quality. THis can be appreciated by both end user that drinks fresh and safe water and by cooler operator that can minimize expenses on excessive cooler sanitization using harmful to environment chemicals.  


Ozone sterilisation system

Top loading bottled cooler have patented ozone sterilisation system that works by filtering and sterilising all incoming ambient air, air inside cold tank and air inside bottle. This system effectively removes harmful patagents from air that get inside cold tank, bottle and drinking water. And it prolongs opened bottles lifetime! System is operated by user presence sensor and internal algoritms to ensure maximum protection, it even sterilises water finger when user is changing empty bottle. 


UVC sterilisation system 

This revolutionary in-tank system sterilises both incoming air and water inside POU and bottom loading bottled cooler models. This system uses next generation UVC LEDs to consume significantly less energy than conventional lamp based systems while providing even better performance. UVC LED is a modern and efficient solution to water safety problem. System is operated by user presence sensor and internal algoritms to ensure maximum protection.


Pasteurisation system 

This patented system allows circulation of hot water from hot tank to cold tank. This achieves perfect level of sterilisation of all water tubes where bacterial contamination could be dangerous to user. This Self Care system can be scheduled to run during off hours using COOL TOUCH application. By running it just once per month COOL TOUCH coolers can remain completely clean and safe for user, allowing to significantly decrease interval between chemical sanitations - saving money and environment! 


Smart tap

Smart construction of combined tap allows it to be sterilised each time hot water is dispensed, sterilising even cold and sparkling taps. And by designing tap in a way that doesn't allow user to touch water canal eliminates threat of contamination introduced by dirty caps or fingers.  


Antibacterial plastic 

All plastic used in water dispensing area is made with antibacterial additives, produced in Japan, in order to ensure the area stays clean and safe for user. This also eliminates threat of contamination of drinking water. 


Water temperatures

COOL TOUCH coolers provide industry leading water quality by smartly utilising available resources. Temperature of the water is always maintained at optimal temperature to ensure antibacterial safety. Hot water is heated to 94+-2 degrees at all times, significantly hotter then industry norm to ensure maximum safety, as some bacteria can survive 85 degrees considered the norm by the industry. During energy saving mode water is continuously treated by UVC LEDs sterilisation system to ensure no bacteria growth can occur. Sparkling water is pretreated by the same UVC LED system and CO2 gas doesn't allow for bacteria to grow. Cold water is always maintained at optimal temperature to minimise threat of bacterial growth. 


With these systems and construction in mind we are proud to say that COOL TOUCH coolers provide industry leading water quality to end user and industry leading safety and feature set to operators. 


COOL TOUCH coolers offer modern and convenient way of interacting with your smart cooler. COOL TOUCH application can be downloaded from Google Play store or Apple App Store:


Google tranparrentapple tranparrent


You can dispense up to 5 water types/temperatures: user proffered, set by user water temperature in addition to hot, cold, ambient and sparkling. User can also monitor volume of water consumer, even divided by type! 

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Users and service personal can control such settings as energy saving and self care (sterilization) scheduling:

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Users can change safety functions and control normal functions:


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And service operator can reset water filter counter and change filter settings:

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Insulation materials

Even before energy prices have skyrocketed in Europe, we have always recognized our responsibility to environment and future generations. This is why from our first model we have always focused on energy efficiency. One of the ways we achieve our high goals is by using latest innovations in the field of insulation materials. By minimizing energy losses we minimes amount of time water needs to be cooled or heated, saving our clients both money and providing better water drinking experience.

Simple and advanced insulation on hot tank:


Energy saving modes

All our coolers come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity that allows COOL TOUCH application to control enerysavign modes. Users can precisely set time when energy saving modes should be switched on, use advanced scheduling and some models have AI based system that uses user presence sensing to additionally save energy even when cooler is not in energy saving mode.

What additionally separates COOL TOUCH from competitors that use simple turn on/turn off modes is our attention to water quality and safety. Ambient temperature water is perfect place for bacteria and viruses to grow. This is why we use our patented sterilization systems and smart water temperature sensing to ensure that user will always have fresh and safe drinking water, while consuming the least amount of energy. 

Energy saving mode


Smart patented design

One additional way of saving energy is by being smart about internal design. We have used our experience and knowledge to utilise system that smartly seperates water inside the cooler and doesn't allow it to be mixed. Many competitors first cool the water before heating it again. COOL TOUCH cooler is much more efficient and avoids such mistakes. 


Designed in Scandinavia COOL TOUCH offers modem industrial design and high quality materials:

        • Anodised aluminum provides excellent protection against everyday use damage while offering high end looks.
        • Hardened glass with oleophobic coating offers excellent resistance to smudges and great protection against scratches. 
        • Touch screen controls work just the way your mobile device does - offering instant feedback and salifying user experience.


Available sizes

COOL TOUCH coolers come in floor standing (XL) and tabletop (S) size. Despite significant size difference, both types offer the same functions, water temperatures and volume. We do not compromise on function and quality of our coolers. 


Available colors 

  • Silver
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Titanium
  • Bronze
  • White



Fresh and refreshing sparkling water is one of the most requested features from our clients.

SIG has been producing coolers with sparkling water option for more than a decade and has leading experts in the field working on this important function. Our revolutionary double counter cooling system offers unrivalled level of carbonization in water and almost unlimited amount of sparkling water to be dispensed. Big, 5 liter CO2 cylinder, that can be hidden inside the body of the cooler and allows for up to 6000 liters of sparkling water to be dispensed.  Quick, quiet and powerful carbonation system elevates COOL TOUCH to a class of its own. 




Environmental impact

SIG strives to only use highest quality materials, parts and suppliers. Our coolers are produced with the use of recycled materials and most of the parts can be recycled after use. Use of plastic is minimised to ensure a better environmental accountability. In order to minimise impact on environment we offer very long lifetime for our equipment - over 10 years.


Quality of materials

All materials are carefully selected to reflect our mission of excellence - all parts with contact with water are certified food grade, 316 stainless steel storage containers, high-quality silicone and Teflon lined pipes ensure unparalleled quality of water and contribute to cleanness of the cooler. 



We carefully select suppliers and only use parts supplied by leading experts in drinking water field. Our suppliers located in Europe and Asia and include such well known names as: 


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POU systems
POU models utilize 3 stage water filtration and patented UVC LED sterilisation system coupled with patented pasteurisation system.
Bottled systems
Bottled models feature ozone sterilization of cold tank and bottle as well as Safe Guard system.