We support our partners at all stages of cooperation and provide everything necessary for customer to achieve the maximum benefit from our technological solutions.

What do we provide to our partners?

Training and help in handling coolers. We provide all information, manuals and ensure personal and on-call consulting and training to enable you to enjoy all advantages of our devices.

Quick delivery throughout Europe, depending on the country to which the cooler should be delivered.

Cooler replacement. During a year we will replace a cooler in the event of a breakdown. We are so confident in the quality of our product that we are ready to replace it, if the device breaks down.

Spare parts delivery within one day after request by TNT/FEDEX.

Technology upgrading. We set to long-term cooperation and incessantly improve our inventions. If upgrades are available in our systems, then the customer can easily upgrade hardware and update software.  

Promotion materials and product description. Partners can use SIG marketing materials for work with their clients. We provide our customer with marketing tools, which allow competing successfully in the market.


Our partners:


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It is important for us, as for a company engaged in servicing coolers, that they would not cause any problems. Sometimes it happens that upon opening of cheap Chinese coolers some spare parts are missing, they just break down out of nowhere.

Through our experience we have never encountered cases of breakdown of Cool Touch coolers. In my opinion, there are two answers. The first – quality of the coolers. The second – people understand that now a reputable water supplier lives in their office, it should be respected and protected. We are always sure that we won’t have any problems with Cool Touch.

Sparkling Spring


When we started working with Cool Touch, we were sceptical about devices. Our people are keen on economizing and often go for the cheapest variant. It was a pleasant surprise to us that coolers from SIG found their target audience among our clients very quickly. They are the choice of those who care about image, design, details.

Yes, the majority still prefers to save on quality. Many people order cheap coolers, which incur losses. We recommend Cool Touch to those who are really ready to appreciate quality. Do you know how many people have outspoken negative comments about Cool Touch? Zero.

Saku Late OU


First, it was a puzzle for us, why all these fancy filtration systems, double cooling and sterilization systems... But now we can safely say that after Cool Touch it is difficult to get back to Chinese devices – you get used to good things quickly. We, as a responsible company, care so that our employees and clients get the best.

In Cool Touch we like details most of all. Design, pleasant touch – sensitive controls, friendly embedded computer, such subtle things as a float in the receptacle under the glass, which shows, when to drain water … These coolers are created to streamline and brighten life.

Venden SIA

POU systems
POU models utilize 3 stage water filtration and patented UVC LED sterilisation system coupled with patented pasteurisation system.
Bottled systems
Bottled models feature ozone sterilization of cold tank and bottle as well as Safe Guard system.